+ Inger M

Being a bit of an exercise phobic, starting yoga classes at the tender age of 44 was a big step. I was nervous, felt inadequate and was sure I would be rubbish at it.

My fears were soon allayed by Siobhan's relaxed manner - not that she is not exacting you understand - but no one can fail in her classes and I learnt that I was not alone in 'catching the last bus'! With Siobhan you inevitably feel safe, relaxed and able to ask questions. If you need 1:1 you get it.

I can now touch my nose to my knee - a major achievement in my world :-) and my weekly yoga class with Siobhan is the most important piece of self care that I do. It keeps me supple, strong and pain-free and I freely and happily recommend yoga with Siobhan to you. The classes are varied and fun with just the right amount of emphasis on the spiritual origins of yoga.

+ Jane C

Siobhan's yoga classes have helped me improve my posture, strength, well-being and mood. I benefit and so do those closest to me! Life has become more of an adventure and less stressful since practising yoga with Siobhan. The classes are relaxed, friendly and easy to follow with a good dose of humour thrown in.

+ Lil M

Yoga makes me feel better! The postures and breathing exercises help me feel healthier in body and mind. The session gives me time to chill out and have some ‘me time’. Yoga helps ease my neck and shoulder stiffness whilst improving muscle tone, flexibility, strength and stamina. I spend less time at the osteopath!

+ Clare A

I have attended Siobhan’s Yoga classes regularly for three years in Saffron Walden. I have experienced different types of yoga before and what I love about Siobhan’s class is the varied approach with a weekly focus that naturally flows through the poses. Often I have experienced an inward moving and shifting of cluttered emotions which clears my mind as well as the body! Siobhan is an excellent teacher who takes you from the basics to however far you want to challenge yourself; and she creatively guides you through variations on a theme you’ve done before with a new energy. Going to yoga with Siobhan means I respect my mind and body by switching off from the rat race and be empowered physically and mentally!

+ Geraldine P

I have been practising yoga for over 25 years and have found the best Hatha yoga teacher in the area. As an experienced yoga practitioner I am delighted with the classes Siobhan offers. There is the perfect balance of exercise to built strength, flexibility and stamina and time for relaxation and breathing practise to offer an escape from the stresses and worries of everyday life. She offers support and encouragement, and further development for those who need it. For the young and old, the fit and not so fit she caters for all levels and abilities. You will come away from the class feeling energised and refreshed, rejuvenated.

+ Paul W

The classes are, in equal measure, suitable for both beginners and the more experienced practitioner. Anyone attending is sure to find a relaxed environment which is little less than an oasis of calm away from the pressures of modern life. Siobhan works well with large groups but always finds time for help with one to one tuition within the group. Her classes are highly recommended.

+ Katrina M

I've been doing yoga on and off for around twenty years. In that time various exercise fads have come and gone but yoga endures because its benefits are more complete than any other form of exercise. I work hunched over a computer all day so I see yoga stretches as essential to put my body back in balance. But the benefits go far beyond the physical. After the class I feel calmer and happier. I go back to work and am twice as productive because I'm more focused.

+ Clare T

My weekly Ashtanga class brings me calm and relaxation an the opportunity to treat my body to a much deserved stretch. Siobhan is a fantastic teacher and helps everyone feel ease, regardless of experience and ability. My body feels stronger and more supple because of yoga, and I always sleep very well after a class!

+ Dijaner W

I have suffered with lower back and neck problems for over 20 years. Since attending weekly yoga classes over the last 2 years I have become stronger and more flexible so that my back has been protected by the muscles around it and the movement in my neck has resulted in less pain and very fewer headaches.

+ Lucy W

I look forward to class every week. They are relaxed and informal and Siobhan makes everybody welcome, putting them at ease. After each class I feel I walk taller and am stronger and more toned.

+ Mary D

I really enjoy your yoga classes, I think the combination of relaxation and exercise are really beneficially whatever your stage of life. It helps me to realign my mind and body. You are a supportive and friendly teacher.